Friday, August 24, 2012

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Contact Me -
many dead blogs, in my opinion dead blogs is a blog that stands alone, but as there is no owner. I would ask a glimpse about dead blogs, do you think dead blogs owner to could account for the blog?. surely you can answer, but the reality is rarely dead blog visitors dialogue with the blog owner directly (chat box or social media) or indirectly (through blog comments). in my opinion the reasons is the owner of the blog seemed to go away from the blog.

see the reality of my most current blog, as a blog owner 
management, science, and phylosophy make little rules about visitors relationship with the owner. As for the rule like this:
  • blog comments may marginalize home owners do not spam or break the rules blog comments in general.
  • every visitor can access the discussion via social media and blog comments on condition of maintaining the existence of the blog.
  • As for the other unwritten rules that are in authority the blog owner.

it is not difficult to us (and the end of the blog owner) in touch. but if you feel distress in touch with me via blog comments. you can contact me with social media and other social networks.



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