Friday, August 24, 2012

DMCA protection

  • 4:42 AM
  • asherr. sby
DMCA protection -
many problems arise when things become victims of deprivation blog authority. it was cruel to me, a blog is deprived or has stolen all of its contents deliberately by people who are not responsible. why is that? what is think the thief? any desire to steal blog content?.

considering the number of occurrences of theft of cash with this blog I would I protect the DMCA protection. DMCA protection is copyright protection on bloggers where bloggers can report the theft to the authorities (google) for further action.

I think the rules on this blog is easy enough, just by leaving the original source link of this blog is enough to protect you from the actions DMCA report. what will I report will not be felt clearly in front of you or I will not tell you about my report. so you have to understand this rule alone. 

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